RF Radio Remote Control Transmitter 315/433.92MHZ 2 Button AB / Lock Unlock SC/PT2262/2264 4.7M Push Case

RF Radio Remote Control Transmitter 315/433.92MHZ 2 Button AB / Lock Unlock SC/PT2262/2264 4.7M Push Case

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  Please notice :     it is only a common RF remote control   (transmitter ).so it is only the professional can buy it alone .   if you a freshman about RF remote control system . please buy the duplicating/cloning /copied remote control . we are So Powerless   about the people who do not understand then find it is cheap and buy it . when he get it and tell us it doesn't work with his rolling code or other receiver what what .. and give us the negative feedback .   Dear Sir and Madam : if you don't know it .please inquiry it . the receiver and transmitter can work together ,their frequency ,IC chip and Shock resistance must be taken in to consideration .       only someone who have bought the same Transmitter and Receiver from us ,you need more transmitter for your receiver ,you can buy it . and leave us the massage ,               you are going to buy our transmitter and Receiver ,and need add more transmitter for the receiver ,you can buy it ,leave us the massage it is ok .       if you haven't bought any system from us before ,and you are not   an professional man ,   please don't buy it .we just can make sure it can work with our   receiver .         Specifications : Working Voltage :  12 V 23 A (battery) ( not included ) Working Current :  100m A Transmission Frequency :  315 MHZ/433 MHZ (Other frequency can be customize in large in bulk ) Encoding Type : Fixed Code IC : SC/Pt2262/2264/ EV1527 Transmitting Distance :  20-200 M (it base on the using enviroment (block and signal interference ) Dimension :  50×40×12mm Working Temperature : -10'C~+70'C Shock resistance :  4.7 M (others can be customized in bulk)       Modulation Mode : OOK Standby Current : 0m A Output Power : 100m W Transmitting Rate : <10 Kbps Button : 1 Button       Radio RF Remote Control Transmitter A B /Lock Unlock Button 315/433 MHZ SC2260 EV1527 Big Button Remote Controller -Alarm Switch US$ 4.50/piece
    RF Remote Control 4 Channel ABCD Button Remote Control Kit Fixed /Learning Code Transmitter 315/433 MHZ Mini Remote Control Black US$ 560.00/lot
200 pieces / lot   ABCD 4 Button Remote Control Waterproof Remote Control Kit Ultra-Thin Fixed/ Learning Code Remote PT2260 PT2240 B EV1527 315/433 US$ 760.

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