Rare old Tibet Silver Carving/ Statue---Golden-winged Dapeng Buddha statues , best collection&adornment,

Rare old Tibet Silver Carving/ Statue---Golden-winged Dapeng Buddha statues , best collection&adornment,

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Image Generally, Garuda to half-human half bird or whole bird body image appears.Southwest China's Bai Bai Legend Garuda will worship and their Rooster worship together, flooding the town of God, as one of their own totem.There are countless world Garuda by Wade, big body, big full, wishful four Garuda king command. Meanwhile, Garuda is the incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. Tibetan Buddhism in Tantric system, Garuda (Tibetan : khyung) is the Five Dhyani Buddhas in northern Katsuma amoghasiddhi horse, bird body human face, meaning His Holiness cited everything taken, all homeless.According to the Lotus Sutra and other sutras say, Garuda is one of the Dragon mostly from the Buddha, there are all kinds of treasure as solemn, gilded, the firstborn wishful beads, song miserable day, the king and devour train five hundred Duron With the body of poison gas gathering, Garuda finally can not eat, after flying up and down seven times, to diamond wheel mountain, poison gas attack, the body self-immolation, leaving a pure blue glass heart.Hinduism according to Hindu mythology, Garuda is the god Vishnu mounts, secondary God said to span 336 miles, blotting out the sun, its colorful plumage.Various legends Garuda , in accordance with the "Garuda and the heavens secret Words," saying that China's gold winged albatross or Garuda, Hindu and Buddhist classics recorded a Species Bird in. if you real like collection Chinese antique, please don't miss the best chance, it made of the high quality Silver copper alloy. you can see the picture , the monster are made by handwork, workmanship is very refinement. In the old China, every family must have this kind of animal ,because it can lustrate evil , it is a good tool of exorcise. so ,don't miss so wonderful item ,It will also bring good luck, health, wealth, wisdom, success, longevity and blessedness for you! Bid with the confidence ,Good luck! Old 18 C Tibet Silver Statue/ Sculpturecowboy playing with the OX, Nice Carving,best collection&adornment,free shipping US$ 103.00 - US$ 103.00/piece   Old 18 C Tibet Silver Statue/ Sculpture-cowboy playing with two OX, Nice Carving,best collection&adornment,free shipping US$ 135.00 - US$ 135.00/piece   Rare Distinctive Qing Dynasty copper Statue "Good fortune"deer ,Free shipping US$ 163.66 - US$ 163.66/piece   Rare Ming Dynasty(Xuande : 1538-1562) brass dargon statue/ Sculpture,free shipping US$ 115.79 - US$ 115.79/piece
Rare Distinctive Qing Dynasty Bronze Statue Horse,Free shipping US$ 98.40 - US$ 98.40/piece   Rare Distinctive Qing Dynasty Statue copper Chinese dragon,a pair,Free shipping US$ 128.

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