6pieces/set Bosch Car Spark Plug For Buick Regal Buick GL8 Century GL Nickel yttrium alloy HR9DCY+

6pieces/set Bosch Car Spark Plug For Buick Regal Buick GL8 Century GL Nickel yttrium alloy HR9DCY+

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  For GL82.5i 2.5 01.2001~11.2010 For  Regal 2.5i 2.5 11.2002~02.2008 For GL83.0i 3.0 08.2002~07.2008 For  Regal 3.0i 3.0 12.2002~03.2006 For  Fabia 2.5i 2.5 03.2005~03.2006 Bosch is one of Germany's largest industrial enterprises, en-gaged in automotive technology, industrial technology and consu-mer goods and construction technology. When Robert Bosch foun-ded the company in Stuttgart in 1886, he positioned the comp-any as a "factory for precision machinery and electrical engineering". Bosch, based in Stuttgart, southern Germany, over 230,000 emplo-yees working at more than 50 countries. Bosch is known as its in-novative products and system solutions.     Standard sparkplugs :Reliable performance. Economic choice             Life span can reach 30000 KM             General ignition performance  Platinum spark plugs :      A high performance. Excellent quality and reasonable price          Life span can reach 50000 KM              Improved ignition performance   Iridium spark  plug :Good performance. Lasting endurance         Life span can reach  80000 KM              Good ignition performance            Product structure 1.Copper core ground electrode (when required) provides better heat transfer 2.Fine wire firing pin reduces voltage requirement up to 24%   3.Nickel-plated shell with rolled threads requires  no anti-seize  4. Copper core provides better heat transfer 5.Ribbed insulator design prevents flashover   ​      Standard spark plug 1. The center electrode : Yttrium alloy center electrode with original quality  2. Start more reliable : reduce fuel consumption 3. More reliable ignition : Improve driving comfort, peace stability 4. Nickel plated shells and threads :  Prevent shell and thread corrosion 5. souped-up :  Energy transfer efficiency  is greatly improved ​          Spark plug replacement cycle Nickel alloy sparking plug : 25000 KM replacement  Single platinum spark plug : 30000 KM replacement  Yttrium alloy spark plug : 40000 KM replacement  Double platinum sparking plug : 60000 KM replacement  Iridium spark plug   :  80000 KM replacement  Platinum iridium alloy spark plug   :  100000 KM replacement  ​        Product packaging Professional packaging, product double-layer packaging guarantee transportation safety  ​        Shipping & Handing We only ship to confirmed order addresses. Your order address MUST MATCH your shipping address. We will choose a reasonable mode of transport for you, but due to the season, weather, festivals, delivery time will increase.

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