110V/220V Preheating station desoldering station | PCB board preheating Station 853A

110V/220V Preheating station desoldering station | PCB board preheating Station 853A

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GOOD DAY DEAR FRIEND         Characteristics : 1. Multi-functional combined maintenance system, preheating stage hot air gun welding device, the whole system is controlled by microcomputer, control temperature point more ready, practical and safe. 2. Preheating stage : the alloy can be used to accurately control the temperature of the digital display, wide temperature range 3. Part of the heat gun : multifunctional combination of rotary switch are set : 1 wind gun temperature of 2 air gun outlet air volume 4. With boot memory and automatic storage function 5. The utility model is provided with an intelligent automatic function, and the utility model does not need to handle the handle after the user starts the machine Set yourself five minutes to enter the break state   6. Hot air welding heater with chronic LV temperature sensor, microcomputer control technology. The development of zero crossing sampling The temperature is more accurate and stable.LED screen shows the actual operating temperature, the use of this product is reliable         Features Power Supply : Ac : 220 V(110 V)/50 Hz
Preheat the stand : 853 A
Power consume : 600 W
Bound of temperature : 98 C -380 C
Heat element : Infrared rays heat rum pan
Power consume : 550 W
Bound of temperature : 100 C-450 C
Heat element : durable high temperature chinaware ,metal wire
Nozzle resistance groundings : ≤ 2 Ω
Power supply : direct current 12 V
Air pump type : NO carbon worm wheel direct current machine
Wind mete : 100 L / min
Volume : 360 *360 * 200mm
Gross weight : 4.8 Kg    Note : If you have any question,welcome to contact us.We will provide prompt response and the most excellent service.      

Product data

Model Number:
Brand Name:
package size:
Power Supply:
Ac 220V(110V)/50Hz
Preheat the stand:
Power consume:
Bound of temperature:
98C -380C
Heating area:
blowing rate:
100 L / min
Brushless type:
DC motor soft wind