Ethernet synchronous data acquisition card, 8 way 24 bit 105KS, 4 road DA, 8 road DI, 8 way DO

Ethernet synchronous data acquisition card, 8 way 24 bit 105KS, 4 road DA, 8 road DI, 8 way DO

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Model : NET0824 A (on board AD clock 27 MHz) NET0824 B (on board AD clock 16.384 MHz) ADAnalog input function Input range : + 10 VUsers can customize+ 5 Vor+ 2.5 V;Conversion precision : 24(a Bit);Sampling rate : 105.469k Hz,52.734k Hz,26.367k Hz,13.184k Hz,6.592k Hz,3.296k Hz,1.648k Hz,823.975 Hz,411.987 Hz,205.994 Hz The above sampling rate software is optional, and the rate of sampling per channel is the same.ADClock default27 MHz,The on-board AD clock can be customized according to customer requirements.Customizable for16.384 MHz);Number of physical channels : 8 Channel;The number of sampling channels : the number of sampling channels can be selected by software, and the selected sampling channel is a continuous channel starting from the first channel.Analog input mode : single or differential analog input;The gain of each channel in the front end can be controlled by software at 1, 10, 100, 1000 times (customizable 1, 2, 4, 8 times).Data reading method : the acquisition of data automatically upload or non empty, semi full, 1/4 full, custom full query mode;Depth of memory : depth FIFOTechnology,128 MB FIFOMemory, can store32 MA sampling point;Memory sign : non empty, 1/4 full, half full, overflow, custom full mark;Sampling clock source selection : board clock, board clock, GPS clock (software optional);Trigger mode : analog trigger and digital trigger;The acquisition methods include continuous acquisition of internal trigger, continuous acquisition of external trigger, collection of pre trigger cycle, acquisition of intermediate trigger cycle, and acquisition of post trigger cycle.Pre trigger single acquisition and intermediate trigger Single Acquisition and post trigger Singlecollection;Analog trigger level : software setup;Analog front-end hardware anti aliasing filtering for each channel;GPS card : synchronous acquisition module with GPS clock output 10 MHz AD clock source, acquisition time and the second pulse rising edge synchronization Each channel can be connected with IEPE/ICP sensor, power supply voltage 24 V, constant current 4.26m AAnalog input impedance : 10 MOhm;Nonlinear error (INL) : 0.0012%FSR(FSR=20 V) System measurement accuracy : 0.0015%Working temperature range : 0 C~50 C;Storage temperature range : -40 C~85 C;Give Lab VIEW source code and VC++ original code,Provide a dynamic link library, DLL, to support operating systems : WINXP, WIN7, WIN8 DAAnalog output function Output range : +5 V,+10 V,+ 5 V,+ 10 VThe software is optional.Conversion precision : 12(a Bit);Setting up time : 10 s;Number of output channels : 4 The road;Nonlinear error : + 1 LSB(maximum value);Total non - adjustable error : 0.

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