Stepper Motor Driver Microstep128 H5742 0.5-3A DC12-32v stepping motor driver for nema17 nema23 stepper motor!.

Stepper Motor Driver Microstep128 H5742 0.5-3A DC12-32v stepping motor driver for nema17 nema23 stepper motor!.

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    1 x H5742 Stepper Motor Driver 0.5-3 A Microstep128 12-32v DC         Parameters : Name :  H5742 stepper motor driver Voltage :  12-32v DC Current :  0.5-3 A  Microstep :  128   Introduction : H5742 is a professional two-phase stepper motor driver. Reversible control can be achieved, select eight stalls subdivision control (1,2,4,8, 16, 32, 64, 128) by three DIP switch, select 6-speed current control (0.5 A through three DIP switch, 1 A, 1.5 A, 1.8 A, 2.5 A, 3 A). Suitable for driving 57,42-type two-phase, four-phase hybrid stepping motor. To achieve low vibration, low noise, drive motor with high-speed effects.   Features :   Power supply with anti-reverse function Current selection by DIP switch High-speed optocoupler isolation High integration and high reliability Strong anti-interference ability of high-frequency Maximum pressure DC40v Eight kinds of adjustable subdivision Automatic semi-flow   Subdivision precision 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,128 optional     Maximum drive current is 3 A Drive any 2.5 A phase current of 2-phase or 4-phase hybrid stepping motor             The input wiring instructions :   There are three way input signal, they are :  1 : pulse signal CP +, CP-;  2 : direction level signal DIR +, DIR- ;  3 : offline signal EN +, EN-. There are two kinds of input signal interface connection : Users may need to use common anode or common cathode connection. (Following in common anode connection for example) Common anode connection : respectively, CP +, DIR +, EN + is connected to the power control system, if this is + 5 V power supply can be connected directly, if the power supply is greater than + 5 V, shall plus external current limiting resistor R, to ensure optical coupling to the drive inside the drive current 8-15m A. CP- pulse input signal through the access direction signal DIR- access enable signal EN- access.            Note : EN end may not be connected, EN effective when the rotor is in a free state (offline), then the motor shaft can be rotated manually, do for your adjustment. After manual adjustment is completed, then the EN to an invalid state to continue the automatic control.         Connecting wire for motor :   Two-phase 4-wire, 6-wire, 8-wire connecting wire :     Four-wire direct access; six lines do not connect the center tap, will pick up both ends to (intermediate tap can be determined according to the resistance); eight lines can be connected in parallel or in series, in parallel for high current connection.

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