Godox XT32C 2.4G Wireless HSS 1/8000s Flash Trigger+XTR-16 for X1C X1N XT-16 Transmitter Trigger &AD360/DE/QT/DP/QS/GS/GT Series

Godox XT32C 2.4G Wireless HSS 1/8000s Flash Trigger+XTR-16 for X1C X1N XT-16 Transmitter Trigger &AD360/DE/QT/DP/QS/GS/GT Series

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                         Godox XT32 C 2.4 G Wireless HSS 1/8000s Flash Trigger+XTR-16 for X1 C X1 N XT-16 Transmitter Trigger &AD360/DE/QT/DP/QS/GS/GT Series Features XT-32 wireless power control flash trigger has build-in Godox 2.4 G wireless X system, which support 1/8000s high speed sync function and many other functions.
There are four different models : XT32 C (for Canon), XT32 N (for Nikon), XT32 S (for Sony), and XT32 G (General version, single contact). Here is XT32 C (for Canon).
Features :
Build-in Godox 2.4 G Wireless X System
With build-in 2.4 G wireless transmission, XT32 transmitter can remote control the Godox flashed which has build-in 2.4 G wireless X system.
When using in combination with XTR-16 or XTR-16 S receiver, XT32 transmitter can remote control the Godox flashes which do not have build-in 2.4 G wireless X system. 
Wireless Remote Control and Abundant Functions
Provides with 16 groups and 32 channels to achieve group control and triggering (over 100 meters), as well as 6 modes of power adjustment to meet the demands of different Godox flashes.
Fully support 1/8000s high-speed sync, modeling lamp control, sound control, AF focus assist, setting custom function, etc.
Sophisticated Design and Great Portability
High qualified LCD panel offers convenient operation.
Clear and well-defined buttons offer different settings by short press or long press.
With USB Port to upgrade and PC sync socket to achieve wireless triggering.
Compatible Camera Models
XT32 C (for Canon) : 1 DX, 5 D Mark III, 5 D Mark II, 6 D, 7 D,60 D,50 D, 40 D, 30 D, 650 D, 600 D,550 D, 500 D,450 D,400 D Digital, 1000 D, 1100 D, etc.
XT32 N (for Nikon) : D800, D700, D7100, D5200, D5100, D7000, D300, D300 S, D3200, D3100, D3000, D200, D70 S, D810, D610, D90, etc.
XT32 S (for Sony) : A77 II, a7 RII, a7 R, a58, a99, ILCE6000 L, etc.
XT32 G (general version, single contact) : Fit for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus cameras, etc.
Technical Data :
Model : XT32 C
Compatible cameras : Canon cameras; Support for the cameras that have PC sync socket.
Build-in remote system : 2.4 G Wireless transmission
Modulation mode : MSK
Power supply : 2*AA batteries
High-speed sync : YES (1/8000s)
Focus assist : Manual open
Second curtain sync : Yes (Setting on the camera)
Transmission range (approx.) : ﹥100m
Channel : 32
Synchronization delay set : Yes (0-10ms, use 100us as the unit)
Modeling lamp : ON/OFF
Sound : ON/OFF
Memory function : Setting will be stored for 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart.

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For Canon Godox
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For Canon