Plenty of money , resin imitation jade gifts , antique home furnishing wholesale , factory direct imitation mahogany

Plenty of money , resin imitation jade gifts , antique home furnishing wholesale , factory direct imitation mahogany

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Modeling : Animal
Package : Carton packaging
Place of origin : Zhejiang
Printed LOGO : Can
Whether patent sources : No
Size : 24 * 15 * 24cm
Support payments : Is
Source material : Artificial , other    
Pujiang County Friends of the Arts & Crafts Factory , located in the world 's largest small commodity wholesale city ( Yiwu , Zhejiang ) is a collection of production research and development and sales of the private sector , now has a sales showroom in Yiwu International Trade City( Yiwu International Trade City, a district C3-7660 class gifts store ) Main products include resin crafts ( all kinds of imitation jade crafts, feng shui ornaments , wedding ornaments, business gifts , home ornaments, copper ornaments ) , stone crafts and gifts such as crystal . After years of development has a large number of customer contacts , and established long-term stable cooperative relations with a number of retailers and agents. We always emphasize the same price than stuff , the same stuff seriously than the concept of service business with each customer, so was able to survive in this complex to the sea . Excellent quality, low price is the purpose of the factory . Welcome wholesalers throughout the purchase or sample processing .
Name : Caiyuanguangjin Dimensions : 24 * 15 * 24cm Material : synthetic resin Color : Jade Cabbage + topaz Packing : carton packaging
Our factory specializes in the research and production of resin technology , has a strong technical force , specializing in the manufacture of resin products are exported to overseas . Resin crafts based resin as the main raw material , through a die -casting , made from a variety of attractive appearance vivid characters, animals , birds Queensland , landscape bonsai , relief , etc., and can be made of copper imitation , imitation silver , imitation gold , imitation glass, gilding , gold, crystal , agate imitation , imitation jade, bone carving imitation , imitation of sandstone , marble imitation , imitation jade , imitation ivory , imitation marble , imitation mahogany , imitation pottery , wood carving and other effects of resin crafts simulation . Variety. Our company also according to customer requirements and then design modifications to produce products , all comply with "Your request is our pursuit of " principle. Wholeheartedly serve you. Everything compliance "Your request is our pursuit of" principle. Wholeheartedly serve you.
Resin crafts are hotels, restaurants , shopping malls, dance halls , offices and home decorations ideal is your favorite and gifts for friends and family are a good product .

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