face care Liang Bang Su professional whitening cream for cream A+B+C+sample

face care Liang Bang Su professional whitening cream for cream A+B+C+sample

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start17295979460602 US $9.90 US $19.99 US $19.99 US $19.99 US $19.99 US $5.99 US $14.98 US $6.99   Liang Bang Su professional whitening beauty cream Facial cleanser A+B+C+Cleanser+sample Liang Bang Su Cream A + B : This product contains natural whitening element of pure herbal plants in various nutrients derived hormone, with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory enzymes, vitamins from the deployment of a double whitening factor, direct decomposition has been formed to remove spots, all kinds of grouper, and infected by bacteria from the surface of bubbles, and can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue, treatment of latent face foam and decomposition of melanin, acne, scars, and can shrink the skin white and beautiful hand-hole . Cream Liang bang Su Combo A + B : Can UV damage (protection of the skin regardless of the time, regardless of location, it is necessary to reduce the necessary sun.) Night Cream Liang Su C : The product of natural herbal extract with Vitamin Serum A, D, E, insulation factors, active regeneration factor, activated fiber has a good deep body, making the cell membrane for the transport and excretion of melanin capacity and enhance resolve quickly, improve skin inhibited liver spots, freckles, Hu Dieban, acne, acne to anti-inflammatory whitening, skin back to life, rosy.
A + B Cream : The state Su Liang cleanser After cleansing, pat Lotion penetrate deep absorption, while the first frost with the A to B and then cream. C Cream : Cleansing the state when the first plain milk with a pretty face wash solution after the repair to take tap deep penetration and absorption, and then C to late frost. Note :
Content : 20g × 3
Shelf life : 3 years
Liang bang Su Cleanser
Suitable for all skin types Usage : Apply onto the face, add a little water and gently massage (2-3) minutes, then wash with water can be taken. Note : 1.before using this, please take the product a little painted the inside of the arm or ear 48 hours after the skin test done, if redness or irritation develops, do not use. 2.to avoid the goods will be painted in the eyes, around the mouth, if you do not hold grudges, rinse with water immediately after the wipe clean. 3.components used in the past had a bad skin care products, ointments, pigments not falling long-term use of cosmetics have been caused by blocked pores, toxins and pigment deposition in the skin, in using this process, there may be slight redness, itching, tight sense, and the black silt, deterioration of oil means, dander discharge, this is the metabolism, a strong reaction to toxins, within days after the return to normal.

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