HOT SALE Advertising balloon Printing Custom Customizable Pearl and Matte Thick Latex Balloon Wedding Balloon Circular letter

HOT SALE Advertising balloon Printing Custom Customizable Pearl and Matte Thick Latex Balloon Wedding Balloon Circular letter

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Custom Logo / words free shipping print design 10-inch latex balloons for party / event Round :   balloon printing LOGO, color is optional.latex Balloon Stick white PVC rods for Supplies Balloons Holder Sticks with cup party decoration accessories Please note! Please note!
Custom printing balloon step : Sent directly to the station letter I will give you free drawing, send you to see if you can print.  We have pearl and standard color balloon you can choose, you can note.    Color : white, black, red, blue, yellow, orange, red, gold and silver.    Size : 10 inch 12 inch g weight 1.5 grams 2 grams 2.8 grams, you can also choose, please note in time,    Printing : monochrome single side logo can be in accordance with the link under the order, if the requirements of multi color double-sided, then need to add money.   Color printing is very expensive, you need to add money to print, at least to 1000pcs 500pcs! 1.5g10 inch 200pcs + pump $ 22.31
1.5g10 inch 500pcs + pump $ 35.71
  1.5g10 inch 1000pcs+pump $ 66.69 You can use these for Wedding, festival,parties,  festival activitiesdecoration or children's toys There are other do not understand the problem can contact our customer service at any time!
Round :
200pcs Minimum Order 1 logotipo de un solo color, imprimir en 1 lado
1 lote = 200 unids personalizada globo Free Design :   Professional balloon designer, Supplying factory production
                       Or provide their own design programs
Due to the large amount of work every day, after payment only free design, I hope you understand.
Shipping rate dish :    Almost 20 years ago to make the production version of the master to make
Its design further shown in balloons above '
It contains damaged :
    Balloon is inflated,Before Customed, the printed pattern such as leaks or not
There are some quality problems under pressure inflated balloon will burst, became the
Said breakage, manufacturers are generally not included damaged, maybe you feel anything.
Now I'll give you an example : Customize 10,000 balloon
. However, the actual printing after only around 9500-9900, arising under my instructions can imagine the difference,
We are here in India break
Besides all good brush before. Sometimes finished in printing the packaging process, there will be remaining,
We will also be presented to customers and friends, such as :
Customize the 10,000 balloons, guarantee actual delivery and 10.000 to 10.300,
That is what we call contains damage.

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Multi, Gold, Orange, Silver, Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple
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Grand Event,House Moving,Chinese New Year,Retirement,Earth Day,Wedding & Engagement,New Year,Christmas
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balloon with name print
Age Range:
3 years old>> 3 years old
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Private custom balloons
a variety of colors, free choice
pear and matt