Allenjoy Thin Vinyl cloth photography Backdrop blue Children Wedding Baby Background Photo Studio Decor Backgrounds MH-082

Allenjoy Thin Vinyl cloth photography Backdrop blue Children Wedding Baby Background Photo Studio Decor Backgrounds MH-082

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  Allenjoy store is a professional photography backdrop manufacturer Our background is primarily targeted at newborns, children,  adults, holidays & birthdays, weddings, etc. *High quality *cheap price *quality service *fast logistics.  Please believe that we are professional background producers. If  you  have any questions, please contact us .                          Polyester If the background is dirty,you can throw it into the washing machine.Thick,durable,bright in colour,no seam.Can be used multiple times,suitable for Professional Photographers and Photo Studios. It's the preferred choice for the photographers. Thin-Vinyl Thin (also durable),soft,lightweight,Easy to Fold & Carry,cheaper and light than Polyester cloth,but is still tearproof,So it is suitable for One-time use(birthday party),family photographers Note : The same picture in different monitors will show the different color effects. At the same time,because of our background material or pictorial ink in different batches,the background when printed will have   very small difference. So if you can not accept,please buy with caution. Additional services,Please contact us 1.Add the top/bottom pocket or hole 2.Rolled sending backdrop 3.Can be customized to any size 4.Backdrop can be personalized pattern,add photos,modify the color/style 5.Drop shipping 6.Particularly expedited,Processed order within 24-48 hours and shipped.   Q:  How can I send you the design?(how can I customize it)? A:  What size do you want?         You can send the customize information here.         Our designer will make the rendering for you, then I will send you the rendering to confirm.          If everything is correct, you can order this product directly .   Q:Can the vinyl material be washed? how to remove creases? A:  It can not be washed, and you can use the iron ironing in the back of the background with low temperature to eliminate or reduce the creases, but please do not ironing in the front of the background or let the background touch the water, because that will ruin the background.     Q:How do I customize the background not on sale? A:  You can send the pictures or ideas and size you want to our customer service, and our designers will try to design a similar background for you.         Q:Can I print my own picture or design? A:  We can help you print your own picture.

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Thin vinyl 100x150CM, Thin vinyl 150x200CM, Thin vinyl 150x220CM, Thin vinyl 150x300CM, Thin vinyl 180x200CM, Thin vinyl 180x250CM, Thin vinyl 180x300CM, Thin vinyl 200x200CM, Thin vinyl 200x300CM, Thin vinyl 250x250CM, Thin vinyl 250x360CM, Thin vinyl 300x300CM, Thin vinyl 300x450CM, Thin vinyl 300x600CM, Polyester 100x150CM, Polyester 150x200CM, Polyester 150x220CM, Polyester 150x300CM, Polyester 200x200CM, Polyester 200x300CM, Polyester 250x250CM, Polyester 250x360CM, Polyester 300x300CM, Polyester 300x450CM, Polyester 300x600CM
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Spray Painted
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Thin vinyl
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Photo studio,photos, photography backdrops
baby birthday holiday happy lovely
Pure Color Indoor photography background cloth
Decor Backgrounds wedding newborn
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Any content photography
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Digital Printed.hand painted backgrounds
Newborn baby, Kid's photos, Photographer
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